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Abeygunawardena, Dhanushi (2018) Understanding cell fate and function decisions of cardiac mesenchymal stem cells. PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW.

Alankarage, Dimuthu and Ip, Eddie and Szot, Justin O and Munro, Jacob and Blue, Gillian M and Harrison, Katrina and Cuny, Hartmut and Enriquez, Annabelle and Troup, Michael and Humphreys, David T and Wilson, Meredith and Harvey, Richard P and Sholler, Gary F and Graham, Robert M and Ho, Joshua W K and Kirk, Edwin P and Pachter, Nicholas and Chapman, Gavin and Winlaw, David S and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Dunwoodie, Sally L (2018) Identification of clinically actionable variants from genome sequencing of families with congenital heart disease. Genetics in Medicine, ePub. ISSN 1098-3600 (Not OA)

Allida, Sabine M and Hayward, Christopher S and Newton, Phillip J (2018) Thirst in heart failure: what do we know so far? Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care, 12 (1). pp.4-9. ISSN 1751-4258 (N/A)

Anderson, David J and Kaplan, David I and Bell, Katrina M and Koutsis, Katerina and Haynes, John M and Mills, Richard J and Phelan, Dean G and Qian, Elizabeth L and Leitoguinho, Ana Rita and Arasaratnam, Deevina and Labonne, Tanya and Ng, Elizabeth S and Davis, Richard P and Casini, Simona and Passier, Robert and Hudson, James E and Porrello, Enzo R and Costa, Mauro W and Rafii, Arash and Curl, Clare L and Delbridge, Lea M and Harvey, Richard P and Oshlack, Alicia and Cheung, Michael M and Mummery, Christine L and Petrou, Stephen and Elefanty, Andrew G and Stanley, Edouard G and Elliott, David A (2018) NKX2-5 regulates human cardiomyogenesis via a HEY2 dependent transcriptional network. Nature Communications, 9 (1). p. 1373. ISSN 2041-1723 (PMC OA)

Atherton, John J and Sindone, Andrew and De Pasquale, Carmine G and Driscoll, Andrea and Macdonald, Peter S and Hopper, Ingrid and Kistler, Peter M and Briffa, Tom and Wong, James and Abhayaratna, Walter and Thomas, Liza and Audehm, Ralph and Newton, Phillip and O'Loughlin, Joan and Branagan, Maree and Connell, Cia (2018) National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management of Heart Failure in Australia 2018. Heart, Lung and Circulation, 27 (10). pp.1123-1208. ISSN 14439506 (Gold OA)

Avolio, Alberto and Kim, Mi Ok and Adji, Audrey and Gangoda, Sumudu and Avadhanam, Bhargava and Tan, Isabella and Butlin, Mark (2018) Cerebral Haemodynamics: Effects of Systemic Arterial Pulsatile Function and Hypertension. Current Hypertension Reports, 20 (3). p. 20. ISSN 1522-6417 (N/A)

Bagnall, Richard D and Ingles, Jodie and Dinger, Marcel E and Cowley, Mark J and Ross, Samantha Barratt and Minoche, André E. and Lal, Sean and Turner, Christian and Colley, Alison and Rajagopalan, Sulekha and Berman, Yemima and Ronan, Anne and Fatkin, Diane and Semsarian, Christopher (2018) Whole Genome Sequencing Improves Outcomes of Genetic Testing in Patients With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 72 (4). pp.419-429. ISSN 1558-3597 (Not OA)

Bajzikova, Martina and Kovarova, Jaromira and Coelho, Ana R. and Boukalova, Stepana and Oh, Sehyun and Rohlenova, Katerina and Svec, David and Hubackova, Sona and Endaya, Berwini and Judasova, Kristyna and Bezawork-Geleta, Ayenachew and Kluckova, Katarina and Chatre, Laurent and Zobalova, Renata and Novakova, Anna and Vanova, Katerina and Ezrova, Zuzana and Maghzal, Ghassan J and Magalhaes Novais, Silvia and Olsinova, Marie and Krobova, Linda and An, Yong Jin and Davidova, Eliska and Nahacka, Zuzana and Sobol, Margarita and Cunha-Oliveira, Teresa and Sandoval-Acuña, Cristian and Strnad, Hynek and Zhang, Tongchuan and Huynh, Thanh and Serafim, Teresa L. and Hozak, Pavel and Sardao, Vilma A. and Koopman, Werner J.H. and Ricchetti, Miria and Oliveira, Paulo J. and Kolar, Frantisek and Kubista, Mikael and Truksa, Jaroslav and Dvorakova-Hortova, Katerina and Pacak, Karel and Gurlich, Robert and Stocker, Roland and Zhou, Yaoqi and Berridge, Michael V. and Park, Sunghyouk and Dong, Lanfeng and Rohlena, Jakub and Neuzil, Jiri (2018) Reactivation of Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase-Driven Pyrimidine Biosynthesis Restores Tumor Growth of Respiration-Deficient Cancer Cells. Cell Metabolism, ePub. pp. S1550-4131(18)30646-6. ISSN 15504131 (Not OA)

Baker, Matthew A B and Tuckwell, Andrew J and Berengut, Jonathan F and Bath, Jonathan and Benn, Florence and Duff, Anthony P. and Whitten, Andrew E. and Dunn, Katherine E. and Hynson, Robert M. and Turberfield, Andrew J. and Lee, Lawrence K (2018) Dimensions and Global Twist of Single-Layer DNA Origami Measured by Small-Angle X-ray Scattering. ACS Nano, 12 (6). pp.5791-5799. ISSN 1936-0851 (Not OA)

Beattie, Kylie A and Hill, Adam P and Bardenet, Rémi and Cui, Yi and Vandenberg, Jamie I and Gavaghan, David J and de Boer, Teun P and Mirams, Gary R (2018) Sinusoidal voltage protocols for rapid characterisation of ion channel kinetics. Journal of Physiology, ePub. ISSN 00223751 (Not OA)

Berger, Joachim and Berger, Silke and Li, Mei and Jacoby, Arie S and Arner, Anders and Bavi, Navid and Stewart, Alastair G and Currie, Peter D (2018) In Vivo Function of the Chaperonin TRiC in α-Actin Folding during Sarcomere Assembly. Cell Reports, 22 (2). pp.313-322. ISSN 22111247 (Gold OA)

Blue, Gillian M and Ip, Eddie and Walker, Karen and Kirk, Edwin P and Loughran-Fowlds, Alison and Sholler, Gary F and Dunwoodie, Sally L and Harvey, Richard P and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Badawi, Nadia and Winlaw, David S (2018) Genetic burden and associations with adverse neurodevelopment in neonates with congenital heart disease. American Heart Journal, 201. pp.33-39. ISSN 00028703 (Not OA)

Bondonno, Nicola P and Bondonno, Catherine P and Blekkenhorst, Lauren C and Considine, Michael J and Maghzal, Ghassan and Stocker, Roland and Woodman, Richard J and Ward, Natalie C and Hodgson, Jonathan M and Croft, Kevin D (2018) Flavonoid-Rich Apple Improves Endothelial Function in Individuals at Risk for Cardiovascular Disease: A Randomised Controlled Clinical Trial. Molecular Nutrition & Food Research, 62 (3). p. 1700674. ISSN 1613-4125 (PP OA)

Cehic, Matthew G and Nundall, Nishant and Greenfield, Jerry R and Macdonald, Peter S (2018) Management Strategies for Posttransplant Diabetes Mellitus after Heart Transplantation: A Review. Journal of Transplantation, 2018. pp.1-14. ISSN 2090-0007 (OA)

Chen, Weiyu and Maghzal, Ghassan J and Ayer, Anita and Suarna, Cacang and Dunn, Louise L and Stocker, Roland (2018) Absence of the biliverdin reductase-a gene is associated with increased endogenous oxidative stress. Free Radical Biology and Medicine, 115. pp.156-165. ISSN 0891-5849 (Not OA)

Choquet, Caroline and Nguyen, Thi Hong Minh and Sicard, Pierre and Buttigieg, Emeline and Tran, Thi Thom and Kober, Frank and Varlet, Isabelle and Sturny, Rachel and Costa, Mauro W and Harvey, Richard P and Nguyen, Catherine and Rihet, Pascal and Richard, Sylvain and Bernard, Monique and Kelly, Robert G. and Lalevée, Nathalie and Miquerol, Lucile (2018) Deletion of Nkx2-5 in trabecular myocardium reveals the developmental origins of pathological heterogeneity associated with ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy. PLoS Genetics, 14 (7). pp. e1007502. ISSN 1553-7404 (Gold OA)

Chorev, Dror S and Baker, Lindsay A and Wu, Di and Beilsten-Edmands, Victoria and Rouse, Sarah L and Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, Tzviya and Jiko, Chimari and Samsudin, Firdaus and Gerle, Christoph and Khalid, Syma and Stewart, Alastair G and Matthews, Stephen J and Grünewald, Kay and Robinson, Carol V (2018) Protein assemblies ejected directly from native membranes yield complexes for mass spectrometry. Science, 362 (6416). pp.829-834. ISSN 0036-8075 (Not OA)

Clifford, Rachel and Robson, Desiree and Gross, Christoph and Moscato, Francesco and Schima, Heinrich and Jansz, Paul and Macdonald, Peter S and Hayward, Christopher S (2018) Beat-to-beat detection of aortic valve opening in heartware left ventricular assist device patients. Artificial Organs, ePub. ISSN 0160564X (Not OA)

Coleman, James L J (2018) The pharmacology and physiology of orphan G protein-coupled receptor, GPR37L1. PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, St Vincent's Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW.

Coleman, James L J and Mouat, Margaret A and Wu, Jianxin and Jancovski, Nikola and Bassi, Jaspreet K and Chan, Andrea Y and Humphreys, David T and Mrad, Nadine and Yu, Ze-Yan and Ngo, Tony and Iismaa, Siiri and Dos Remedios, Cristobal G and Feneley, Michael P and Allen, Andrew M and Graham, Robert M and Smith, Nicola J (2018) Orphan receptor GPR37L1 contributes to the sexual dimorphism of central cardiovascular control. Biology of Sex Differences, 9 (1). p. 14. ISSN 2042-6410 (OA)

Conway, James R W and Warren, Sean C and Herrmann, David and Murphy, Kendelle J and Cazet, Aurélie S and Vennin, Claire and Shearer, Robert F and Killen, Monica J and Magenau, Astrid and Mélénec, Pauline and Pinese, Mark and Nobis, Max and Zaratzian, Anaiis and Boulghourjian, Alice and Da Silva, Andrew M and del Monte-Nieto, Gonzalo and Adam, Arne S A and Harvey, Richard P and Haigh, Jody J and Wang, Yingxiao and Croucher, David R and Sansom, Owen J and Pajic, Marina and Caldon, C Elizabeth and Morton, Jennifer P and Timpson, Paul (2018) Intravital Imaging to Monitor Therapeutic Response in Moving Hypoxic Regions Resistant to PI3K Pathway Targeting in Pancreatic Cancer. Cell Reports, 23 (11). pp.3312-3326. ISSN 22111247 (Gold OA)

Cornwell, James A and Nordon, Robert E and Harvey, Richard P (2018) Analysis of cardiac stem cell self-renewal dynamics in serum-free medium by single cell lineage tracking. Stem Cell Research, 28. pp.115-124. ISSN 18735061 (OA)

Cox, Charles D and Bavi, Navid and Martinac, Boris (2018) Bacterial Mechanosensors. Annual Review of Physiology, ePub (1). ISSN 0066-4278 (Not OA)

Cuny, Hartmut and Yu, Rilei and Tae, Han-Shen and Kompella, Shiva N and Adams, David J (2018) α-Conotoxins active at α3-containing nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and their molecular determinants for selective inhibition. British Journal of Pharmacology, 175. pp.1855-1868. ISSN 1476-5381 (OA)

Del Monte-Nieto, Gonzalo and Ramialison, Mirana and Adam, Arne A S and Wu, Bingruo and Aharonov, Alla and D'Uva, Gabriele and Bourke, Lauren M and Pitulescu, Mara E and Chen, Hanying and de la Pompa, José Luis and Shou, Weinian and Adams, Ralf H and Harten, Sarah K and Tzahor, Eldad and Zhou, Bin and Harvey, Richard P (2018) Control of cardiac jelly dynamics by NOTCH1 and NRG1 defines the building plan for trabeculation. Nature, 557 (7705). pp.439-445. ISSN 1476-4687 (Not OA)

Du, Huiyun and Newton, Phillip J and Budhathoki, Chakra and Everett, Bronwyn and Salamonson, Yenna and Macdonald, Peter S and Davidson, Patricia M (2018) The Home-Heart-Walk study, a self-administered walk test on perceived physical functioning, and self-care behaviour in people with stable chronic heart failure: A randomized controlled trial. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, 17 (3). pp.235-245. ISSN 1474-5151 (Not OA)

Duebbert, Matthias (2018) An epigenetic basis for essential hypertension. PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, St Vincent's Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW.

Eaton, Sally A and Aiken, Alastair and Young, Paul E and Ho, Joshua W K and Cropley, Jennifer E and Suter, Catherine M (2018) Maternal obesity heritably perturbs offspring metabolism for three generations without serial programming. International Journal of Obesity, 42. pp.911-914. ISSN 0307-0565 (PP OA)

Ebrahimkhani, Saeideh and Vafaee, Fatemeh and Hallal, Susannah and Wei, Heng and Lee, Maggie Yuk T and Young, Paul E. and Satgunaseelan, Laveniya and Beadnall, Heidi and Barnett, Michael H and Shivalingam, Brindha and Suter, Catherine M and Buckland, Michael E and Kaufman, Kimberley L (2018) Deep sequencing of circulating exosomal microRNA allows non-invasive glioblastoma diagnosis. npj Precision Oncology, 2 (1). pp.1-9. ISSN 2397-768X (PMC OA)

Emmanuel, Sam and Nadel, James and Fagan, Damien and Teeraananchai, Sirinya and Law, Matthew and Holloway, Cameron J (2018) Patients with HIV and coronary disease: are we meeting national guidelines? Sexual Health, 15 (1). p. 83. ISSN 1448-5028 (Not OA)

Fatkin, Diane (2018) ETV1 : A New Player in Atrial Remodeling. Circulation Research, 123 (5). pp.515-517. ISSN 0009-7330 (OA)

Fatkin, Diane (2018) Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. JAMA Cardiology, ePub. ISSN 2380-6583 (Not OA)

Fatkin, Diane and Cox, Charles D and Huttner, Inken G and Martinac, Boris (2018) Is There a Role for Genes in Exercise-Induced Atrial Cardiomyopathy? Heart Lung and Circulation, ePub. ISSN 14439506 (Not OA)

Fazakerley, Daniel J and Chaudhuri, Rima and Yang, Pengyi and Maghzal, Ghassan J and Thomas, Kristen C and Krycer, James R and Humphrey, Sean J and Parker, Benjamin L and Fisher-Wellman, Kelsey H and Meoli, Christopher C and Hoffman, Nolan J and Diskin, Ciana and Burchfield, James G and Cowley, Mark J and Kaplan, Warren and Modrusan, Zora and Kolumam, Ganesh and Yang, Jean YH and Chen, Daniel L and Samocha-Bonet, Dorit and Greenfield, Jerry R and Hoehn, Kyle L and Stocker, Roland and James, David E (2018) Mitochondrial CoQ deficiency is a common driver of mitochondrial oxidants and insulin resistance. eLife, 7. pp. e32111. ISSN 2050-084X (OA)

Fazakerley, Daniel J. and Minard, Annabel Y. and Krycer, James R. and Thomas, Kristen C. and Stöckli, Jacqueline and Harney, Dylan. J. and Burchfield, James G. and Maghzal, Ghassan J. and Caldwell, Stuart T. and Hartley, Richard C. and Stocker, Roland and Murphy, Michael P. and James, David E. (2018) Mitochondrial oxidative stress causes insulin resistance without disrupting oxidative phosphorylation. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 293 (19). pp.7315-7328. ISSN 0021-9258 (OA)

Fonoudi, Hananeh (2018) Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells as a Model of Complex Cardiac Disorders. PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Faculty of Medicine, UNSW.

Fountzilas, George and Psyrri, Amanda and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Tikas, Ioannis and Manousou, Kyriaki and Rontogianni, Dimitra and Ciuleanu, Elisabeta and Ciuleanu, Tudor and Resiga, Liliana and Zaramboukas, Thomas and Papadopoulou, Kyriaki and Bobos, Mattheos and Chrisafi, Sofia and Tsolaki, Eleftheria and Markou, Konstantinos and Giotakis, Evangelos and Koutras, Angelos and Psoma, Elsa and Kalogera-Fountzila, Anna and Skondra, Maria and Bamia, Christina and Pectasides, Dimitrios and Kotoula, Vassiliki (2018) Prevalent somatic BRCA1 mutations shape clinically relevant genomic patterns of nasopharyngeal carcinoma in Southeast Europe. International Journal of Cancer, 142 (1). pp.66-80. ISSN 00207136 (Not OA)

Fung, Erik and Yang, Xiaobo and Newton, Phillip J and Ferguson, Caleb and Gastelurrutia, Paloma and Lupón, Josep and Bayés-Genís, Antoni and Jha, Sunita and Macdonald, Peter S (2018) Letter by Fung et al Regarding Article, “Frailty and Clinical Outcomes in Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis”. Journal of the American Medical Directors Association, ePub. ISSN 15258610 (Not OA)

Ghosh, Sukla and Hui, Subhra P (2018) Axonal regeneration in zebrafish spinal cord. Regeneration, 5 (1). pp.43-60. ISSN 20524412 (OA)

Giampietro, Philip F and Pourquie, Olivier and Raggio, Cathy and Ikegawa, Shiro and Turnpenny, Peter D and Gray, Ryan and Dunwoodie, Sally L and Gurnett, Christina A and Alman, Benjamin and Cheung, Kenneth and Kusumi, Kenro and Hadley-Miller, Nancy and Wise, Carol A (2018) Summary of the first inaugural joint meeting of the International Consortium for scoliosis genetics and the International Consortium for vertebral anomalies and scoliosis, March 16-18, 2017, Dallas, Texas. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF MEDICAL GENETICS PART A, 176 (1). pp.253-256. ISSN 1552-4833 (Not OA)

Graham, Robert M and McGrath-Cadell, Lucy and Muller, David W M and Holloway, Cameron J (2018) The Mystery and Enigma of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection. Heart Lung and Circulation, 27 (4). pp.401-405. ISSN 1444-2892 (N/A)

Halloran, Philip F and Reeve, Jeff and Aliabadi, Arezu Z. and Cadeiras, Martin and Crespo-Leiro, Marisa G. and Deng, Mario and Depasquale, Eugene C. and Goekler, Johannes and Jouven, Xavier and Kim, Daniel H. and Kobashigawa, Jon and Loupy, Alexandre and Macdonald, Peter S and Potena, Luciano and Zuckermann, Andreas and Parkes, Michael D. (2018) Exploring the cardiac response to injury in heart transplant biopsies. JCI Insight, 3 (20). ISSN 2379-3708 (Not OA)

Haworth, Naomi L. and Wouters, Michael J. and Hunter, Morgan O. and Ma, Lixia and Wouters, Merridee A. (2018) Cross-strand disulfides in the hydrogen bonding site of antiparallel β-sheet (aCSDhs): Forbidden disulfides that are highly strained, easily broken. Protein Science, 28 (1). pp.239-256. ISSN 09618368

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Hoffmann, Katrin and Milech, Nadia and Juraja, Suzy M. and Cunningham, Paula T. and Stone, Shane R. and Francis, Richard W. and Anastasas, Mark and Hall, Clinton M. and Heinrich, Tatjana and Bogdawa, Heique M. and Winslow, Scott and Scobie, Marie N. and Dewhurst, Robert E. and Florez, Laura and Ong, Ferrer and Kerfoot, Maria and Champain, Danie and Adams, Abbie M. and Fletcher, Susan and Viola, Helena M and Hool, Livia C and Connor, Theresa and Longville, Brooke A. C. and Tan, Yew-Foon and Kroeger, Karen and Morath, Volker and Weiss, Gregory A. and Skerra, Arne and Hopkins, Richard M. and Watt, Paul M. (2018) A platform for discovery of functional cell-penetrating peptides for efficient multi-cargo intracellular delivery. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). ISSN 2045-2322 (Not OA)

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Huttner, Inken G and Wang, Louis W and Santiago, Celine F and Horvat, Claire and Johnson, Renee and Cheng, Delfine and von Frieling-Salewsky, Marion and Hillcoat, Karen and Bemand, Timothy J and Trivedi, Gunjan and Braet, Filip and Hesselson, Dan and Alford, Kevin and Hayward, Christopher S and Seidman, Jonathan G and Seidman, Christine E and Feneley, Michael P and Linke, Wolfgang A and Fatkin, Diane (2018) A-Band Titin Truncation in Zebrafish Causes Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Hemodynamic Stress Intolerance. Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine, 11 (8). pp. e002135. ISSN 2574-8300 (Not OA)

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Iismaa, Siiri E and Li, Ming and Kesteven, Scott and Wu, Jianxin and Chan, Andrea Y and Holman, Sara R and Calvert, John W and Haq, Ahtesham Ul and Nicks, Amy M and Naqvi, Nawazish and Husain, Ahsan and Feneley, Michael P and Graham, Robert M (2018) Cardiac hypertrophy limits infarct expansion after myocardial infarction in mice. Scientific Reports, 8 (1). p. 6114. ISSN 2045-2322 (OA)

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