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Abdulkareem, Zana Azeez and Gee, Julia and Cox, Charles D and Wann, Kenneth T (2016) Knockdown of the small conductance Ca(2+) -activated K(+) channels is potently cytotoxic in breast cancer cell lines. British Journal of Pharmacology, 173 (1). pp.177-90. ISSN 1476-5381 (OA)

Adji, Audrey and O'Rourke, Michael F (2016) Blood Pressure Measurement: A New Frontier? Journal of Clinical Hypertension, 18 (4). pp.279-80. ISSN 1751-7176 (OA)

Al-Zyoud, Walid A and Hynson, Robert M G and Ganuelas, Lorraine A and Coster, Adelle C F and Duff, Anthony P and Baker, Matthew A B and Stewart, Alastair G and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Ho, Joshua W K and Gaus, Katharina and Liu, Dali and Lee, Lawrence K and Böcking, Till (2016) Binding of transcription factor GabR to DNA requires recognition of DNA shape at a location distinct from its cognate binding site. Nucleic Acids Research, 44 (3). pp.1411-20. ISSN 1362-4962 (PMC OA)

Allida, Sabine M and Inglis, Sally C and Davidson, Patricia M and Hayward, Christopher S and Shehab, Sajad and Newton, Phillip J (2016) A survey of views and opinions of health professionals managing thirst in chronic heart failure. Contemporary Nurse, 52 (2-3). pp.244-52. ISSN 1037-6178 (N/A)

Archer, Stuart K and Shirokikh, Nikolay E and Beilharz, Traude H and Preiss, Thomas (2016) Dynamics of ribosome scanning and recycling revealed by translation complex profiling. Nature, 535. pp.570-574. ISSN 1476-4687 (N/A)

Ayer, Anita and Zarjou, Abolfazl and Agarwal, Anupam and Stocker, Roland (2016) Heme Oxygenases in Cardiovascular Health and Disease. Physiological reviews, 96 (4). pp.1449-508. ISSN 1522-1210 (OA)


Baker, Matthew A B and Hynson, Robert M G and Ganuelas, Lorraine A and Mohammadi, Nasim Shah and Liew, Chu Wai and Rey, Anthony A and Duff, Anthony P and Whitten, Andrew E and Jeffries, Cy M and Delalez, Nicolas J and Morimoto, Yusuke V and Stock, Daniela and Armitage, Judith P and Turberfield, Andrew J and Namba, Keiichi and Berry, Richard M and Lee, Lawrence K (2016) Domain-swap polymerization drives the self-assembly of the bacterial flagellar motor. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 23 (3). pp.197-203. ISSN 1545-9985 (N/A)

Bavi, Navid and Cortes, D Marien and Cox, Charles D and Rohde, Paul R and Liu, Weihong and Deitmer, Joachim W and Bavi, Omid and Strop, Pavel and Hill, Adam P and Rees, Douglas and Corry, Ben and Perozo, Eduardo and Martinac, Boris (2016) The role of MscL amphipathic N terminus indicates a blueprint for bilayer-mediated gating of mechanosensitive channels. Nature Communications, 7. p. 11984. ISSN 2041-1723 (OA)

Bavi, Omid and Cox, Charles D and Vossoughi, Manouchehr and Naghdabadi, Reza and Jamali, Yousef and Martinac, Boris (2016) Influence of Global and Local Membrane Curvature on Mechanosensitive Ion Channels: A Finite Element Approach. Membranes, 6 (1). ISSN 2077-0375 (OA)

Blackburn, James and Roden, Daniel L and Ng, Robert and Wu, Jianmin and Bosman, Alexis and Epstein, Richard J (2016) Damage-inducible intragenic demethylation of the human TP53 tumor suppressor gene is associated with transcription from an alternative intronic promoter. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 55 (12). pp.1940-1951. ISSN 1098-2744 (OA)

Boland, John E and Wang, Louis W and Love, Bernard J and Christofi, Marino and Muller, David W M (2016) Impact of New-generation Hybrid Imaging Technology on Radiation Dose during Percutaneous Coronary Interventions and Trans-femoral Aortic Valve Implantations: A comparison with conventional flat-plate angiography. Heart Lung and Circulation, 25 (7). pp.668-75. ISSN 1444-2892 (OA)


Cao, Yiming and Shahrestani, Sara and Chew, Hong Chee and Crawford, Michael and Macdonald, Peter S and Laurence, Jerome and Hawthorne, Wayne John and Dhital, Kumud and Pleass, Henry (2016) Donation After Circulatory Death for Liver Transplantation: A Meta-Analysis on the Location of Life Support Withdrawal Affecting Outcomes. Transplantation, 100 (7). pp.1513-1524. ISSN 1534-6080 (N/A)

Chapman, Gavin and Major, J A and Iyer, K Swaminathan and James, Alexander C and Pursglove, S E and Moreau, J L M and Dunwoodie, Sally L (2016) Notch1 endocytosis is induced by ligand and is required for signal transduction. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1863 (1). pp.166-77. ISSN 0006-3002 (OA)

Chaston, Jessica J and Smits, Callum and Aragão, David and Wong, Andrew S W and Ahsan, Bilal and Sandin, Sara and Molugu, Sudheer K and Molugu, Sanjay K and Bernal, Ricardo A and Stock, Daniela and Stewart, Alastair G (2016) Structural and Functional Insights into the Evolution and Stress Adaptation of Type II Chaperonins. Structure, 24 (3). pp.364-74. ISSN 1878-4186 (OA)

Chowdhury, Md Kamrul H and Wu, Lindsay E and Coleman, James L J and Smith, Nicola J and Morris, Margaret J and Shepherd, Peter R and Smith, Greg C (2016) Niclosamide blocks glucagon phosphorylation of Ser552 on β-catenin in primary rat hepatocytes via PKA signalling. The Biochemical Journal, 473 (9). pp.1247-55. ISSN 1470-8728 (OA)

Christensen, Alex Hørby and Chatelain, Franck C and Huttner, Inken G and Olesen, Morten Salling and Soka, Magdalena and Feliciangeli, Sylvain and Horvat, Claire and Santiago, Celine F and Vandenberg, Jamie I and Schmitt, Nicole and Olesen, Søren-Peter and Lesage, Florian and Fatkin, Diane (2016) The two-pore domain potassium channel, TWIK-1, has a role in the regulation of heart rate and atrial size. Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, 97. pp.24-35. ISSN 1095-8584 (PP OA)

Coleman, James L J and Ngo, Tony and Schmidt, Johannes and Mrad, Nadine and Liew, Chu Kong and Jones, Nicole M and Graham, Robert M and Smith, Nicola J (2016) Metalloprotease cleavage of the N terminus of the orphan G protein-coupled receptor GPR37L1 reduces its constitutive activity. Science Signaling, 9 (423). pp. ra36. ISSN 1937-9145 (OA)

Constantine, Maryrose (2016) Structural and Functional Characterisation of Heterologously Expressed Human Transient Receptor Potential Cation Channel, Subfamily M, Member 4 (TRPM4). PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute & Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Australia.

Constantine, Maryrose and Liew, Chu Kong and Lo, Victor and Macmillan, Alex and Cranfield, Charles G and Sunde, Margaret and Whan, Renee and Graham, Robert M and Martinac, Boris (2016) Heterologously-expressed and Liposome-reconstituted Human Transient Receptor Potential Melastatin 4 Channel (TRPM4) is a Functional Tetramer. Scientific Reports, 6. p. 19352. ISSN 2045-2322 (OA)

Cornwell, James A (2016) Application of time-lapse imaging, single-cell tracking, and competing risks analysis to characterise cardiac stem cell growth dynamics (Restricted until 2018). PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute & UNSW Australia.

Cornwell, James A and Hallett, R M and der Mauer, S Auf and Motazedian, A and Schroeder, T and Draper, J S and Harvey, Richard P and Nordon, Robert (2016) Quantifying intrinsic and extrinsic control of single-cell fates in cancer and stem/progenitor cell pedigrees with competing risks analysis. Scientific Reports, 6. p. 27100. ISSN 2045-2322 (OA)

Cox, Charles D and Bae, Chilman and Ziegler, Lynn and Hartley, Silas and Nikolova-Krstevski, Vesna and Rohde, Paul R and Ng, Chai-Ann and Sachs, Frederick and Gottlieb, Philip A and Martinac, Boris (2016) Removal of the mechanoprotective influence of the cytoskeleton reveals PIEZO1 is gated by bilayer tension. Nature Communications, 7. p. 10366. ISSN 2041-1723 (OA)

Cropley, Jennifer E and Eaton, Sally A and Aiken, Alastair and Young, Paul E and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Ho, Joshua W K and Buckland, Michael E and Keam, Simon P and Hutvagner, Gyorgy and Humphreys, David T and Langley, Katherine G and Henstridge, Darren C and Martin, David I K and Febbraio, Mark A and Suter, Catherine M (2016) Male-lineage transmission of an acquired metabolic phenotype induced by grand-paternal obesity. Molecular Metabolism, 5 (8). pp.699-708. ISSN 2212-8778 (OA)

Cullen, Jason K and Abdul Murad, Norazian and Yeo, Abrey and McKenzie, Matthew and Ward, Micheal and Chong, Kok Leong and Schieber, Nicole L and Parton, Robert G and Lim, Yi Chieh and Wolvetang, Ernst and Maghzal, Ghassan J and Stocker, Roland and Lavin, Martin F (2016) AarF Domain Containing Kinase 3 (ADCK3) Mutant Cells Display Signs of Oxidative Stress, Defects in Mitochondrial Homeostasis and Lysosomal Accumulation. PloS One, 11 (2). pp. e0148213. ISSN 1932-6203 (Gold OA)


Danielsen, Patricia L and Rea, Suzanne M and Wood, Fiona M and Fear, Mark W and Viola, Helena M and Hool, Livia C and Gankande, Thilanee U and Alghamdi, Mansour and Stevenson, Andrew W and Manzur, Mitali and Wallace, Hilary J (2016) Verapamil is Less Effective than Triamcinolone for Prevention of Keloid Scar Recurrence After Excision in a Randomized Controlled Trial. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 96 (6). pp.774-8. ISSN 1651-2057 (OA)

Deek, Hiba and Noureddine, Samar and Newton, Phillip J and Inglis, Sally C and Macdonald, Peter S and Davidson, Patricia M (2016) A family-focused intervention for heart failure self-care: conceptual underpinnings of a culturally appropriate intervention. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72 (2). pp.434-50. ISSN 1365-2648 (N/A)

Djordjevic, Djordje and Kusumi, Kenro and Ho, Joshua W K (2016) XGSA: A statistical method for cross-species gene set analysis. Bioinformatics, 32 (17). pp. i620-i628. ISSN 1367-4811 (OA)

Dunn, Louise L and de Valence, Sarra and Tille, Jean-Christophe and Hammel, Philippe and Walpoth, Beat H and Stocker, Roland and Imhof, Beat A and Miljkovic-Licina, Marijana (2016) Biodegradable and plasma-treated electrospun scaffolds coated with recombinant Olfactomedin-like 3 for accelerating wound healing and tissue regeneration. Wound Repair and Regeneration, 24 (6). pp.1030-1035. ISSN 1524-475X (PP OA)


Evans, Cameron W and Iyer, K Swaminathan and Hool, Livia C (2016) The potential for nanotechnology to improve delivery of therapy to the acute ischemic heart. Nanomedicine, 11 (7). pp.817-32. ISSN 1748-6963 (N/A)


Fame, Ryann M and MacDonald, Jessica L and Dunwoodie, Sally L and Takahashi, Emi and Macklis, Jeffrey D (2016) Cited2 Regulates Neocortical Layer II/III Generation and Somatosensory Callosal Projection Neuron Development and Connectivity. The Journal of Neuroscience, 36 (24). pp.6403-19. ISSN 1529-2401 (OA)

Fatkin, Diane and Johnson, Renee and McGaughran, Julie and Weintraub, Robert G and Atherton, John J (2016) Diagnosis and Management of Familial Dilated Cardiomyopathy – Position Statement. CSANZ Position Statement. pp.1-12. ISSN (OA)

Fatkin, Diane and Lam, Lien and Herman, Daniel S and Benson, Craig C and Felkin, Leanne E and Barton, Paul J R and Walsh, Roddy and Candan, Sukru and Ware, James S and Roberts, Angharad M and Chung, Wendy and Smoot, Leslie and Bornaun, Helen and Keogh, Anne M and Macdonald, Peter S and Hayward, Christopher S and Seidman, Jonathan G and Roberts, Amy E and Cook, Stuart A and Seidman, Christine E (2016) Titin truncating mutations: A rare cause of dilated cardiomyopathy in the young. Progress in Pediatric Cardiology, 40. pp.41-45. ISSN 1058-9813 (PP OA)

Ferguson, Caleb and Inglis, Sally C and Newton, Phillip J and Middleton, Sandy and Macdonald, Peter S and Davidson, Patricia M (2016) Education and practice gaps on atrial fibrillation and anticoagulation: a survey of cardiovascular nurses. BMC Medical Education, 16 (1). p. 9. ISSN 1472-6920 (OA)

Fermini, Bernard and Hancox, Jules C and Abi-Gerges, Najah and Bridgland-Taylor, Matthew and Chaudhary, Khuram W and Colatsky, Thomas and Correll, Krystle and Crumb, William and Damiano, Bruce and Erdemli, Gul and Gintant, Gary and Imredy, John and Koerner, John and Kramer, James and Levesque, Paul and Li, Zhihua and Lindqvist, Anders and Obejero-Paz, Carlos A and Rampe, David and Sawada, Kohei and Strauss, David G and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2016) A New Perspective in the Field of Cardiac Safety Testing through the Comprehensive In Vitro Proarrhythmia Assay Paradigm. Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 21 (1). pp.1-11. ISSN 1552-454X (PP OA)

Fonoudi, Hananeh and Ansari, Hassan and Abbasalizadeh, Saeed and Blue, Gillian M and Aghdami, Nasser and Winlaw, David S and Harvey, Richard P and Bosman, Alexis and Baharvand, Hossein (2016) Large-Scale Production of Cardiomyocytes from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using a Highly Reproducible Small Molecule-Based Differentiation Protocol. Jove-Journal of Visualized Experiments (113). pp.1-10. ISSN 1940-087X (Not OA)

Fountzilas, Elena and Kotoula, Vassiliki and Zagouri, Flora and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Kouvatseas, George and Pentheroudakis, George and Koletsa, Triantafyllia and Bobos, Mattheos and Papadopoulou, Kyriaki and Samantas, Epaminontas and Demiri, Efterpi and Miliaras, Spyros and Christodoulou, Christos and Chrisafi, Sofia and Razis, Evangelia and Fostira, Florentia and Pectasides, Dimitrios and Zografos, George and Fountzilas, George (2016) Disease evolution and heterogeneity in bilateral breast cancer. American Journal of Cancer Research, 6 (11). pp.2611-2630. ISSN 2156-6976 (PMC OA)

Fountzilas, George and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Alexopoulou, Zoi and Zagouri, Flora and Timotheadou, Eleni and Papadopoulou, Kyriaki and Lakis, Sotiris and Bobos, Mattheos and Poulios, Christos and Sotiropoulou, Maria and Lyberopoulou, Aggeliki and Gogas, Helen and Pentheroudakis, George and Pectasides, Dimitrios and Koutras, Angelos and Christodoulou, Christos and Papandreou, Christos and Samantas, Epaminontas and Papakostas, Pavlos and Kosmidis, Paris and Bafaloukos, Dimitrios and Karanikiotis, Charisios and Dimopoulos, Meletios-Athanassios and Kotoula, Vassiliki (2016) TP53 mutations and protein immunopositivity may predict for poor outcome but also for trastuzumab benefit in patients with early breast cancer treated in the adjuvant setting. Oncotarget, 7 (22). pp.32731-32753. ISSN 1949-2553 (OA)

Furtado, Milena B and Wilmanns, Julia C and Chandran, Anjana and Tonta, Mary and Biben, Christine and Eichenlaub, Michael and Coleman, Harold A and Berger, Silke and Bouveret, Romaric and Singh, Reena and Harvey, Richard P and Ramialison, Mirana and Pearson, James T and Parkington, Helena C and Rosenthal, Nadia A and Costa, Mauro W (2016) A novel conditional mouse model for Nkx2-5 reveals transcriptional regulation of cardiac ion channels. Differentiation, 91. pp.29-41. ISSN 1432-0436 (PP OA)


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Heide, Juliane and Zhang, Fengyu and Bigos, Kristin L and Mann, Stefan A and Carr, Vaughan J and Shannon Weickert, Cynthia and Green, Melissa J and Weinberger, Daniel R and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2016) Differential Response to Risperidone in Schizophrenia Patients by KCNH2 Genotype and Drug Metabolizer Status. The American Journal of Psychiatry, 173 (1). pp.53-9. ISSN 1535-7228 (OA)

Hill, Adam P and Perry, Matthew D and Abi-Gerges, Najah and Couderc, Jean-Philippe and Fermini, Bernard and Hancox, Jules C and Knollmann, Bjorn C and Mirams, Gary R and Skinner, Jon and Zareba, Wojciech and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2016) Computational Cardiology and Risk Stratification for Sudden Cardiac Death: One of the Grand Challenges for Cardiology in the 21(st) Century. The Journal of Physiology, 594 (23). pp.6893-6908. ISSN 1469-7793 (OA)

Hodkinson, Emily C and Neijts, Melanie and Sadrieh, Arash and Imtiaz, Mohammad S and Baumert, Mathias and Subbiah, Rajesh N and Hayward, Christopher S and Boomsma, Dorret and Willemsen, Gonneke and Vandenberg, Jamie I and Hill, Adam P and De Geus, Eco (2016) Heritability of ECG Biomarkers in the Netherlands Twin Registry Measured from Holter ECGs. Frontiers in Physiology, 7. p. 154. ISSN 1664-042X (OA)


Iismaa, Siiri E (2016) The prostate-specific protein, transglutaminase 4 (TG4), is an autoantigen associated with male subfertility. Annals of Translational Medicine, 4 (Suppl). pp. S35. ISSN 2305-5839 (OA)

Immanuel, SA and Sadrieh, Arash and Baumert, Mathias and Couderc, Jean-Philippe and Zareba, Wojciech and Hill, Adam P and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2016) T-wave morphology can distinguish healthy controls from LQTS patients. Physiological Measurement, 37 (9). pp.1456-73. ISSN 1361-6579 (OA)

Iyer, Arjun and Chew, Hong Chee and Gao, Ling and Villanueva, Jeanette and Hicks, Mark and Doyle, Aoife and Kumarasinghe, Gayathri and Jabbour, Andrew and Jansz, Paul Cassius and Feneley, Michael P and Harvey, Richard P and Graham, Robert M and Dhital, Kumud K and Macdonald, Peter S (2016) Pathophysiological Trends During Withdrawal of Life Support: Implications for Organ Donation After Circulatory Death. Transplantation, 100 (12). pp.2621-2629. ISSN 1534-6080 (OA)

Iyngkaran, Pupalan and Thomas, Merlin C and Johnson, Renee and French, John and Ilton, Marcus and McDonald, Peter and Hare, David L and Fatkin, Diane (2016) Contextualizing Genetics for Regional Heart Failure Care. Current Cardiology Reviews, 12 (3). pp.231-42. ISSN 1875-6557 (PMC OA)


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Jha, Sunita R and Hannu, Malin K and Chang, Sungwon and Montgomery, Elyn and Harkess, Michelle and Wilhelm, Kay and Hayward, Christopher S and Jabbour, Andrew and Spratt, Phillip M and Newton, Phillip and Davidson, Patricia M and Macdonald, Peter S (2016) The Prevalence and Prognostic Significance of Frailty in Patients With Advanced Heart Failure Referred for Heart Transplantation. Transplantation, 100 (2). pp.429-36. ISSN 1534-6080 (OA)

Jha, Sunita R and Hannu, Malin K and Gore, Keren and Chang, Sungwon and Newton, Phillip and Wilhelm, Kay and Hayward, Christopher S and Jabbour, Andrew and Kotlyar, Eugene and Keogh, Anne and Dhital, Kumud and Granger, Emily and Jansz, Paul and Spratt, Phillip M and Montgomery, Elyn and Harkess, Michelle and Tunicliff, Peta and Davidson, Patricia M and Macdonald, Peter S (2016) Cognitive impairment improves the predictive validity of physical frailty for mortality in patients with advanced heart failure referred for heart transplantation. The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 35 (9). pp.1092-1100. ISSN 1557-3117 (N/A)


King, Carolyn and Alexander, Alana and Chubb, Tanya and Cursons, Ray and MacKay, Jamie and McCormick, Helen and Murphy, Elaine and Veale, Andrew and Zhan, Heng (2016) What can the geographic distribution of mtDNA haplotypes tell us about the invasion of New Zealand by house mice Mus musculus? Biological Invasions, 18 (6). pp.1551-1565. ISSN 1387-3547 (N/A)

Kotoula, Vassiliki and Karavasilis, Vasilios and Zagouri, Flora and Kouvatseas, George and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Gogas, Helen and Lakis, Sotiris and Pentheroudakis, George and Bobos, Mattheos and Papadopoulou, Kyriaki and Tsolaki, Eleftheria and Pectasides, Dimitrios and Lazaridis, Georgios and Koutras, Angelos and Aravantinos, Gerasimos and Christodoulou, Christos and Papakostas, Pavlos and Markopoulos, Christos and Zografos, George and Papandreou, Christos and Fountzilas, George (2016) Effects of TP53 and PIK3CA mutations in early breast cancer: a matter of co-mutation and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 158 (2). pp.307-321. ISSN 1573-7217 (PP OA)

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