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Asli, Naisana S and Harvey, Richard P (2013) Epithelial to mesenchymal transition as a portal to stem cell characters embedded in gene networks. BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology, 35 (3). pp.191-200. ISSN 1521-1878 (Not OA)

Ballouz, Sara and Liu, Jason Y and George, Richard A and Bains, Naresh and Liu, Arthur and Oti, Martin and Gaeta, Bruno and Fatkin, Diane and Wouters, Merridee A (2013) Gentrepid V2.0: a web server for candidate disease gene prediction. BMC bioinformatics, 14. p. 249. ISSN 1471-2105 (PMC OA)

Banks, Emily and Joshy, Grace and Abhayaratna, Walter P and Kritharides, Leonard and Macdonald, Peter S and Korda, Rosemary J and Chalmers, John P (2013) Erectile dysfunction severity as a risk marker for cardiovascular disease hospitalisation and all-cause mortality: a prospective cohort study. PLoS medicine, 10 (1). pp. e1001372. ISSN 1549-1676 (Gold OA)

Bayer, Simone B and Maghzal, Ghassan J and Stocker, Roland and Hampton, Mark B and Winterbourn, Christine C (2013) Neutrophil-mediated oxidation of erythrocyte peroxiredoxin 2 as a potential marker of oxidative stress in inflammation. FASEB Journal, 27 (8). pp.3315-22. ISSN 1530-6860 (OA)

Becker, Michael and Börngen, Kirsten and Nomura, Takeshi and Battle, Andrew R and Marin, Kay and Martinac, Boris and Krämer, Reinhard (2013) Glutamate efflux mediated by Corynebacterium glutamicum MscCG, Escherichia coli MscS, and their derivatives. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1828 (4). pp.1230-40. ISSN 0006-3002 (OA)

Behrens, Ann N and Iacovino, Michelina and Lohr, Jamie L and Ren, Yi and Zierold, Claudia and Harvey, Richard P and Kyba, Michael and Garry, Daniel J and Martin, Cindy M (2013) Nkx2-5 mediates differential cardiac differentiation through interaction with Hoxa10. Stem cells and development, 22 (15). pp.2211-20. ISSN 1557-8534 (PMC OA)

Betihavas, Vasiliki and Newton, Phillip J and Frost, Steven A and Alexandrou, Evan and Macdonald, Peter S and Davidson, Patricia M (2013) Importance of predictors of rehospitalisation in heart failure: a survey of heart failure experts. Heart Lung and Circulation, 22 (3). pp.179-83. ISSN 1444-2892 (N/A)

Betihavas, Vasiliki and Newton, Phillip J and Frost, Steven A and Macdonald, Peter S and Davidson, Patricia M (2013) Patient, provider and system factors influencing rehospitalisation in adults with heart failure. Contemporary nurse, 43 (2). pp.244-56. ISSN 1037-6178 (Not OA)

Boulos, Ramiz A and Man, Nikki Y T and Lengkeek, Nigel A and Hammer, Katherine A and Foster, Niki F and Stemberger, Natalie A and Skelton, Brian W and Wong, Pan Yu and Martinac, Boris and Riley, Thomas V and McKinley, Allan J and Stewart, Scott G (2013) Inspiration from old dyes: tris(stilbene) compounds as potent gram-positive antibacterial agents. Chemistry, 19 (52). pp.17980-8. ISSN 1521-3765 (Not OA)

Castagnaro, Laura and Lenti, Elisa and Maruzzelli, Sara and Spinardi, Laura and Migliori, Edoardo and Farinello, Diego and Sitia, Giovanni and Harrelson, Zachary and Evans, Sylvia M and Guidotti, Luca G and Harvey, Richard P and Brendolan, Andrea (2013) Nkx2-5(+)islet1(+) mesenchymal precursors generate distinct spleen stromal cell subsets and participate in restoring stromal network integrity. Immunity, 38 (4). pp.782-91. ISSN 1097-4180 (PMC OA)

Chalmers, John P and Angus, J and Graham, Robert M and Carmody, J and Dampney, R and Jennings, G and Korner, N (2013) Paul Ivan Korner 1925-2012. Historical Records of Australian Academy of Science, 24 (2). pp.251-282. ISSN 1448-5508

Chang, Sungwon and Davidson, Patricia M and Newton, Phillip J and Krum, Henry and Salamonson, Yenna and Macdonald, Peter S (2013) What is the methodological and reporting quality of health related quality of life in chronic heart failure clinical trials? International journal of cardiology, 164 (2). pp.133-40. ISSN 1874-1754

Cheruvu, Chaitu and Huilgol, Ravi and Grabs, A and Thorburn, C and Kuchar, Dennis and Walker, Bruce D and Subbiah, Rajesh N (2013) Refractory long QT syndrome and the role of left cardiac sympathetic denervation. Internal Medicine Journal, 43 (4). pp.458-61. ISSN 1445-5994

Christensen, Alex Hørby and Fatkin, Diane (2013) Efficacy of carvedilol in pediatric heart failure. Future Cardiology, 9 (4). pp.475-8. ISSN 1744-8298 (Not OA)

Costa, Mauro W and Guo, Guanglan and Wolstein, Orit and Vale, Molly and Castro, Maria L and Wang, Libin and Otway, Robyn and Riek, Peter and Cochrane, Natalie and Furtado, Milena B and Semsarian, Christopher and Weintraub, Robert G and Yeoh, Thomas and Hayward, Christopher S and Keogh, Anne and Macdonald, Peter S and Feneley, Michael P and Graham, Robert M and Seidman, Jonathan G and Seidman, Christine E and Rosenthal, Nadia and Fatkin, Diane and Harvey, Richard P (2013) Functional characterization of a novel mutation in NKX2-5 associated with congenital heart disease and adult-onset cardiomyopathy. Circulation: Cardiovascular Genetics, 6 (3). pp.238-47. ISSN 1942-3268 (PMC OA)

Cox, Charles D and Nomura, T and Ziegler, C S and Campbell, A K and Wann, K T and Martinac, Boris (2013) Selectivity mechanism of the mechanosensitive channel MscS revealed by probing channel subconducting states. Nature Communications, 4. p. 2137. ISSN 2041-1723 (OA)

Dunwoodie, Sally L and Hamada, Hiroshi (2013) Ways, means and consequences of shaping morphogen gradients. Current opinion in genetics & development, 23 (4). pp.361-2. ISSN 1879-0380 (PP OA)

Eaton, Sally A and Hough, Tertius and Fischer-Colbrie, Reiner and Peters, Jo (2013) Maternal inheritance of the Gnas cluster mutation Ex1A-T affects size, implicating NESP55 in growth. Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society, 24 (7-8). pp.276-85. ISSN 1432-1777 (PMC OA)

Fang, Yi and Gupta, Vikas and Karra, Ravi and Holdway, Jennifer E and Kikuchi, Kazu and Poss, Kenneth D (2013) Translational profiling of cardiomyocytes identifies an early Jak1/Stat3 injury response required for zebrafish heart regeneration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110 (33). pp.13416-21. ISSN 1091-6490 (PMC OA)

Fatkin, Diane (2013) Familial dilated cardiomyopathy. Decision Support in Medicine. Clinical Decision Support:CDS:Cardio, 2nd ed. ISSN NA (Book, OA not required)

Fatkin, Diane and Nikolova-Krstevski, Vesna (2013) Atrial cardiomyopathy an orphan disease or common disorder? Circulation. Cardiovascular genetics, 6 (1). pp.5-6. ISSN 1942-3268 (OA)

Feneley, Michael P (2013) Contractility: still searching after all these years. JACC: Cardiovascular Imaging, 6 (4). pp.429-31. ISSN 1876-7591 (OA)

Gamsjaeger, Roland and O'Connell, Mitchell R and Cubeddu, Liza and Shepherd, Nicholas E and Lowry, Jason A and Kwan, Ann H and Vandevenne, Marylene and Swanton, Michael K and Matthews, Jacqueline M and Mackay, Joel P (2013) A structural analysis of DNA binding by myelin transcription factor 1 double zinc fingers. The Journal of biological chemistry, 288 (49). pp.35180-91. ISSN 1083-351X (PMC OA)

Gavrilov, Svetlana and Harvey, Richard P and Papaioannou, Virginia E (2013) Lack of genetic interaction between Tbx20 and Tbx3 in early mouse heart development. PloS one, 8 (7). pp. e70149. ISSN 1932-6203 (Gold OA)

Guner-Ataman, Burcu and Paffett-Lugassy, Noelle and Adams, Meghan S and Nevis, Kathleen R and Jahangiri, Leila and Obregon, Pablo and Kikuchi, Kazu and Poss, Kenneth D and Burns, Caroline E and Burns, C Geoffrey (2013) Zebrafish second heart field development relies on progenitor specification in anterior lateral plate mesoderm and nkx2.5 function. Development (Cambridge, England), 140 (6). pp.1353-63. ISSN 1477-9129 (PMC OA)

Gupta, Ruta and Flanagan, Simon and Li, Cheryl C Y and Lee, Maggie and Shivalingham, Brindha and Maleki, Sanaz and Wheeler, Helen R and Buckland, Michael E (2013) Expanding the spectrum of IDH1 mutations in gliomas. Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc, 26 (5). pp.619-25. ISSN 1530-0285 (OA)

Hu, Sharon X H and Keogh, Anne M and Macdonald, Peter S and Kotlyar, Eugene and Robson, Desiree and Harkess, Michelle and Granger, Emily and Dhital, Kumud and Jansz, Paul and Spratt, Phillip and Hayward, Christopher S (2013) Interaction between physical activity and continuous-flow left ventricular assist device function in outpatients. Journal of cardiac failure, 19 (3). pp.169-75. ISSN 1532-8414 (Not OA)

Hulugalle, Dhakshinari (2013) Computational investigation of thiol-based redox modifications in proteins: redox-active disulfides, Zn2+ sites and their associations. PhD thesis, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute & Faculty of Medicine, UNSW Australia.

Humphreys, David T and Suter, Catherine M (2013) miRspring: a compact standalone research tool for analyzing miRNA-seq data. Nucleic acids research, 41 (15). pp. e147. ISSN 1362-4962 (PMC OA)

Huttner, Inken G and Trivedi, Gunjan and Jacoby, Arie and Mann, Stefan A and Vandenberg, Jamie I and Fatkin, Diane (2013) A transgenic zebrafish model of a human cardiac sodium channel mutation exhibits bradycardia, conduction-system abnormalities and early death. Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology, 61. pp.123-32. ISSN 1095-8584 (Not OA)

Iismaa, Siiri E and Aplin, Mark and Holman, Sara and Yiu, Ting W and Jackson, Kristy and Burchfield, James G and Mitchell, Christopher J and O'Reilly, Liam and Davenport, Aimee and Cantley, James and Schmitz-Peiffer, Carsten and Biden, Trevor J and Cooney, Gregory J and Graham, Robert M (2013) Glucose homeostasis in mice is transglutaminase 2 independent. PloS One, 8 (5). pp. e63346. ISSN 1932-6203 (Gold OA)

Kadiiska, Maria B and Basu, Samar and Brot, Nathan and Cooper, Christopher and Saari Csallany, A and Davies, Michael J and George, Magdalene M and Murray, Dennis M and Jackson Roberts, L and Shigenaga, Mark K and Sohal, Rajindar S and Stocker, Roland and Van Thiel, David H and Wiswedel, Ingrid and Hatch, Gary E and Mason, Ronald P (2013) Biomarkers of oxidative stress study V: ozone exposure of rats and its effect on lipids, proteins, and DNA in plasma and urine. Free radical biology & medicine, 61. pp.408-15. ISSN 1873-4596 (PMC OA)

Ke, Ying and Ng, Chai Ann and Hunter, Mark J and Mann, Stefan A and Heide, Juliane and Hill, Adam P and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2013) Trafficking defects in PAS domain mutant Kv11.1 channels: roles of reduced domain stability and altered domain-domain interactions. The Biochemical journal, 454 (1). pp.69-77. ISSN 1470-8728 (OA)

Kwon, S Chul and Yi, Hyerim and Eichelbaum, Katrin and Föhr, Sophia and Fischer, Bernd and You, Kwon Tae and Castello, Alfredo and Krijgsveld, Jeroen and Hentze, Matthias W and Kim, V Narry (2013) The RNA-binding protein repertoire of embryonic stem cells. Nature structural & molecular biology, 20 (9). pp.1122-30. ISSN 1545-9985 (Not OA)

Lai, Xianning and Beilharz, Traude and Au, Wei-Chun and Hammet, Andrew and Preiss, Thomas and Basrai, Munira A and Heierhorst, Jörg (2013) Yeast hEST1A/B (SMG5/6)-like proteins contribute to environment-sensing adaptive gene expression responses. G3 (Bethesda, Md.), 3 (10). pp.1649-59. ISSN 2160-1836

Lee, Lawrence K and Bryant, Katherine J and Bouveret, Romaric and Lei, Pei-Wen and Duff, Anthony P and Harrop, Stephen J and Huang, Edwin P and Harvey, Richard P and Gelb, Michael H and Gray, Peter P and Curmi, Paul M and Cunningham, Anne M and Church, W Bret and Scott, Kieran F (2013) Selective inhibition of human group IIA-secreted phospholipase A2 (hGIIA) signaling reveals arachidonic acid metabolism is associated with colocalization of hGIIA to vimentin in rheumatoid synoviocytes. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288 (21). pp.15269-79. ISSN 1083-351X (PMC OA)

Li, Cheryl C Y and Eaton, Sally A and Young, Paul E and Lee, Maggie and Shuttleworth, Rupert and Humphreys, David T and Grau, Georges E and Combes, Valery and Bebawy, Mary and Gong, Joyce and Brammah, Susan and Buckland, Michael E and Suter, Catherine M (2013) Glioma microvesicles carry selectively packaged coding and non-coding RNAs which alter gene expression in recipient cells. RNA biology, 10 (8). pp.1333-44. ISSN 1555-8584 (PMC OA)

Li, Cheryl C Y and Young, Paul E and Maloney, Christopher A and Eaton, Sally A and Cowley, Mark J and Buckland, Michael E and Preiss, Thomas and Henstridge, Darren C and Cooney, Gregory J and Febbraio, Mark A and Martin, David I K and Cropley, Jennifer E and Suter, Catherine M (2013) Maternal obesity and diabetes induces latent metabolic defects and widespread epigenetic changes in isogenic mice. Epigenetics, 8 (6). pp.602-11. ISSN 1559-2308 (PMC OA)

Makovey, Joanna and Macara, Monique and Chen, Jian Sheng and Hayward, Christopher S and March, Lyn and Sambrook, Philip N (2013) High osteoporotic fracture risk and CVD risk co-exist in postmenopausal women. Bone, 52 (1). pp.120-5. ISSN 1873-2763

Makovey, Joanna and Macara, Monique and Chen, Jian Sheng and Hayward, Christopher S and March, Lyn and Seibel, Markus J and Sambrook, Philip N (2013) Serum uric acid plays a protective role for bone loss in peri- and postmenopausal women: a longitudinal study. Bone, 52 (1). pp.400-6. ISSN 1873-2763

Martinac, Boris and Rohde, Paul R and Cranfield, Charles G and Nomura, Takeshi (2013) Patch clamp electrophysiology for the study of bacterial ion channels in giant spheroplasts of E. coli. Methods in Molecular Biology, 966. pp.367-80. ISSN 1940-6029 (Book Chapter)

Muthiah, Kavitha and Phan, Justin and Robson, Desiree and Macdonald, Peter S and Keogh, Anne M and Kotlyar, Eugene and Granger, Emily and Dhital, Kumud and Spratt, Phillip and Jansz, Paul and Hayward, Christopher S (2013) Centrifugal continuous-flow left ventricular assist device in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: a case series. ASAIO Journal, 59 (2). pp.183-7. ISSN 1538-943X (N/A)

Muthiah, Kavitha and Robson, Desiree and Macdonald, Peter S and Keogh, Anne M and Kotlyar, Eugene and Granger, Emily and Dhital, Kumud and Spratt, Phillip and Jansz, Paul and Hayward, Christopher S (2013) Thrombolysis for suspected intrapump thrombosis in patients with continuous flow centrifugal left ventricular assist device. Artificial organs, 37 (3). pp.313-8. ISSN 1525-1594

Méniel, Valérie and Song, Fei and Phesse, Toby and Young, Madeleine and Poetz, Oliver and Parry, Lee and Jenkins, John R and Williams, Geraint T and Dunwoodie, Sally L and Watson, Alasdair J and Clarke, Alan R (2013) Cited1 deficiency suppresses intestinal tumorigenesis. PLoS Genetics, 9 (8). pp. e1003638. ISSN 1553-7404 (Gold OA)

Nachtrab, Gregory and Kikuchi, Kazu and Tornini, Valerie A and Poss, Kenneth D (2013) Transcriptional components of anteroposterior positional information during zebrafish fin regeneration. Development (Cambridge, England), 140 (18). pp.3754-64. ISSN 1477-9129 (PMC OA)

Nakano, Haruko and Liu, Xiaoqian and Arshi, Armin and Nakashima, Yasuhiro and van Handel, Ben and Sasidharan, Rajkumar and Harmon, Andrew W and Shin, Jae-Ho and Schwartz, Robert J and Conway, Simon J and Harvey, Richard P and Pashmforoush, Mohammad and Mikkola, Hanna K A and Nakano, Atsushi (2013) Haemogenic endocardium contributes to transient definitive haematopoiesis. Nature Communications, 4. p. 1564. ISSN 2041-1723 (OA)

Ng, Chai Ann and Ke, Ying and Perry, Matthew D and Tan, Peter S and Hill, Adam P and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2013) C-terminal β9-strand of the cyclic nucleotide-binding homology domain stabilizes activated states of Kv11.1 channels. PloS one, 8 (10). pp. e77032. ISSN 1932-6203 (Gold OA)

Ng, Chai Ann and Torres, Allan M and Pagès, Guilhem and Kuchel, Philip W and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2013) Insights into hERG K+ channel structure and function from NMR studies. EUROPEAN BIOPHYSICS JOURNAL WITH BIOPHYSICS LETTERS, 42 (1). pp.71-9. ISSN 1432-1017 (Not OA)

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O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey (2013) Isolated systolic hypertension in the young: a need for clarity. Reply. Journal of hypertension, 31 (9). pp.1913-4. ISSN 1473-5598

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Perry, Matthew D and Wong, Sophia and Ng, Chai Ann and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2013) Hydrophobic interactions between the voltage sensor and pore mediate inactivation in Kv11.1 channels. The Journal of general physiology, 142 (3). pp.275-88. ISSN 1540-7748 (PMC OA)

Petrov, Evgeny and Palanivelu, Dinesh and Constantine, Maryrose and Rohde, Paul R and Cox, Charles D and Nomura, Takeshi and Minor, Daniel L and Martinac, Boris (2013) Patch-clamp characterization of the MscS-like mechanosensitive channel from Silicibacter pomeroyi. Biophysical Journal, 104 (7). pp.1426-34. ISSN 1542-0086 (PMC OA)

Priori, Silvia G and Wilde, Arthur A and Horie, Minoru and Cho, Yongkeun and Behr, Elijah R and Berul, Charles and Blom, Nico and Brugada, Josep and Chiang, Chern-En and Huikuri, Heikki and Kannankeril, Prince and Krahn, Andrew and Leenhardt, Antoine and Moss, Arthur and Schwartz, Peter J and Shimizu, Wataru and Tomaselli, Gordon and Tracy, Cynthia and Ackerman, Michael and Belhassen, Bernard and Estes, N A Mark and Fatkin, Diane and Kalman, Jonathan and Kaufman, Elizabeth and Kirchhof, Paulus and Schulze-Bahr, Eric and Wolpert, Christian and Vohra, Jitendra and Refaat, Marwan and Etheridge, Susan P and Campbell, Robert M and Martin, Edward T and Quek, Swee Chye (2013) Executive summary: HRS/EHRA/APHRS expert consensus statement on the diagnosis and management of patients with inherited primary arrhythmia syndromes. Europace, 15 (10). pp.1389-406. ISSN 1532-2092 (OA)

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