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Sobti, Meghna and Mead, Benjamin J and Stewart, Alastair G and Igreja, Cátia and Christie, Mary (2023) Molecular basis for GIGYF-TNRC6 complex assembly. RNA. pp. rna.079596.123. ISSN 1355-8382

Sobti, Meghna and Ishmukhametov, Robert and Bouwer, James C and Ayer, Anita and Suarna, Cacang and Smith, Nicola J and Christie, Mary and Stocker, Roland and Duncan, Thomas M and Stewart, Alastair G (2019) Cryo-EM reveals distinct conformations of E. coli ATP synthase on exposure to ATP. eLife, 8 (epub). ISSN 2050-084X

Chorev, Dror S and Baker, Lindsay A and Wu, Di and Beilsten-Edmands, Victoria and Rouse, Sarah L and Zeev-Ben-Mordehai, Tzviya and Jiko, Chimari and Samsudin, Firdaus and Gerle, Christoph and Khalid, Syma and Stewart, Alastair G and Matthews, Stephen J and Grünewald, Kay and Robinson, Carol V (2018) Protein assemblies ejected directly from native membranes yield complexes for mass spectrometry. Science, 362 (6416). pp.829-834. ISSN 0036-8075 (Not OA)

Berger, Joachim and Berger, Silke and Li, Mei and Jacoby, Arie S and Arner, Anders and Bavi, Navid and Stewart, Alastair G and Currie, Peter D (2018) In Vivo Function of the Chaperonin TRiC in α-Actin Folding during Sarcomere Assembly. Cell Reports, 22 (2). pp.313-322. ISSN 22111247 (Gold OA)

Chaston, Jessica J and Stewart, Alastair G and Christie, Mary (2017) Structural characterisation of TNRC6A nuclear localisation signal in complex with importin-alpha. PloS One, 12 (8). pp. e0183587. ISSN 1932-6203 (Gold OA)

Davies, Roberta B and Smits, Callum and Wong, Andrew S W and Stock, Daniela and Christie, Mary and Sandin, Sara and Stewart, Alastair G (2017) Cryo-EM analysis of a domain antibody bound rotary ATPase complex. Journal of Structural Biology, 197 (3). pp.350-353. ISSN 1095-8657 (PP OA)

Ngo, Tony and Ilatovskiy, Andrey V and Stewart, Alastair G and Coleman, James L J and McRobb, Fiona M and Riek, R Peter and Graham, Robert M and Abagyan, Ruben and Kufareva, Irina and Smith, Nicola J (2017) Orphan receptor ligand discovery by pickpocketing pharmacological neighbors. Nature Chemical Biology, 13 (2). pp.235-242. ISSN 1552-4469 (PMC OA)

Sobti, Meghna and Smits, Callum and Wong, Andrew Sw and Ishmukhametov, Robert and Stock, Daniela and Sandin, Sara and Stewart, Alastair G (2016) Cryo-EM structures of the autoinhibited E. coli ATP synthase in three rotational states. eLife, 5. pp. e21598. ISSN 2050-084X (OA)

Chaston, Jessica J and Smits, Callum and Aragão, David and Wong, Andrew S W and Ahsan, Bilal and Sandin, Sara and Molugu, Sudheer K and Molugu, Sanjay K and Bernal, Ricardo A and Stock, Daniela and Stewart, Alastair G (2016) Structural and Functional Insights into the Evolution and Stress Adaptation of Type II Chaperonins. Structure, 24 (3). pp.364-74. ISSN 1878-4186 (OA)

Al-Zyoud, Walid A and Hynson, Robert M G and Ganuelas, Lorraine A and Coster, Adelle C F and Duff, Anthony P and Baker, Matthew A B and Stewart, Alastair G and Giannoulatou, Eleni and Ho, Joshua W K and Gaus, Katharina and Liu, Dali and Lee, Lawrence K and Böcking, Till (2016) Binding of transcription factor GabR to DNA requires recognition of DNA shape at a location distinct from its cognate binding site. Nucleic Acids Research, 44 (3). pp.1411-20. ISSN 1362-4962 (PMC OA)

Stewart, Alastair G and Laming, Elise M and Sobti, Meghna and Stock, Daniela (2014) Rotary ATPases-dynamic molecular machines. Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 25. pp.40-8. ISSN 1879-033X (OA)

Zhou, Min and Politis, Argyris and Davies, Roberta B and Liko, Idlir and Wu, Kuan-Jung and Stewart, Alastair G and Stock, Daniela and Robinson, Carol V (2014) Ion mobility-mass spectrometry of a rotary ATPase reveals ATP-induced reduction in conformational flexibility. Nature Chemistry, 6 (3). pp.208-15. ISSN 1755-4349 (PMC OA)

Stewart, Alastair G (2014) The molecular V brake. Journal of Molecular Biology, 426 (2). pp.273-4. ISSN 1089-8638 (OA)

Stewart, Alastair G and Sobti, Meghna and Harvey, Richard P and Stock, Daniela (2013) Rotary ATPases: models, machine elements and technical specifications. Bioarchitecture, 3 (1). pp.2-12. ISSN 1949-100X (PMC OA)

Stewart, Alastair G and Stock, Daniela (2012) Priming a molecular motor for disassembly. Structure (London, England : 1993), 20 (11). pp.1799-800. ISSN 1878-4186 (OA)

Stewart, Alastair G and Lee, Lawrence K and Donohoe, Mhairi and Chaston, Jessica J and Stock, Daniela (2012) The dynamic stator stalk of rotary ATPases. Nature Communications, 3. p. 687. ISSN 2041-1723 (OA)

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