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Cochrane, Catherine R. and Vaghjiani, Vijesh and Szczepny, Anette and Jayasekara, W. Samantha N. and Gonzalez-Rajal, Alvaro and Kikuchi, Kazu and McCaughan, Geoffrey W. and Burgess, Andrew and Gough, Daniel J. and Watkins, D. Neil and Cain, Jason E. (2020) Trp53 and Rb1 regulate autophagy and ligand-dependent Hedgehog signaling. Journal of Clinical Investigation. ISSN 0021-9738

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Sugimoto, Kotaro and Hui, Subhra P and Sheng, Delicia Z and Nakayama, Maki and Kikuchi, Kazu (2017) Zebrafish FOXP3 is required for the maintenance of immune tolerance. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 73. pp.156-162. ISSN 1879-0089 (Not OA)

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Guner-Ataman, Burcu and Paffett-Lugassy, Noelle and Adams, Meghan S and Nevis, Kathleen R and Jahangiri, Leila and Obregon, Pablo and Kikuchi, Kazu and Poss, Kenneth D and Burns, Caroline E and Burns, C Geoffrey (2013) Zebrafish second heart field development relies on progenitor specification in anterior lateral plate mesoderm and nkx2.5 function. Development (Cambridge, England), 140 (6). pp.1353-63. ISSN 1477-9129 (PMC OA)

Kikuchi, Kazu and Poss, Kenneth D (2012) Cardiac regenerative capacity and mechanisms. Annual review of cell and developmental biology, 28. pp.719-41. ISSN 1530-8995 (PMC OA)

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