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Lau, Carus and Hunter, Mark J and Stewart, Alastair and Perozo, Eduardo and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2018) Never at rest: insights into the conformational dynamics of ion channels from cryo-electron microscopy. Journal of Physiology, epub. ISSN 00223751 (Not OA)

Perry, Matthew D and Ng, Chai Ann and Phan, Kevin and David, E and Steer, K and Hunter, Mark J and Mann, Stefan A and Imtiaz, Mohammad S and Hill, Adam P and Ke, Ying and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2016) Rescue of protein expression defects may not be enough to abolish the pro-arrhythmic phenotype of long QT type 2 mutations. The Journal of Physiology, 594 (14). pp.4031-4049. ISSN 1469-7793 (PMC OA)

Ke, Ying and Hunter, Mark J and Ng, Chai Ann and Perry, Matthew D and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2014) Role of the cytoplasmic N-terminal Cap and Per-Arnt-Sim (PAS) domain in trafficking and stabilization of Kv11.1 channels. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 289 (20). pp.13782-91. ISSN 1083-351X (OA)

Ke, Ying and Ng, Chai Ann and Hunter, Mark J and Mann, Stefan A and Heide, Juliane and Hill, Adam P and Vandenberg, Jamie I (2013) Trafficking defects in PAS domain mutant Kv11.1 channels: roles of reduced domain stability and altered domain-domain interactions. The Biochemical journal, 454 (1). pp.69-77. ISSN 1470-8728 (OA)

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