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Anderson, David J and Kaplan, David I and Bell, Katrina M and Koutsis, Katerina and Haynes, John M and Mills, Richard J and Phelan, Dean G and Qian, Elizabeth L and Leitoguinho, Ana Rita and Arasaratnam, Deevina and Labonne, Tanya and Ng, Elizabeth S and Davis, Richard P and Casini, Simona and Passier, Robert and Hudson, James E and Porrello, Enzo R and Costa, Mauro W and Rafii, Arash and Curl, Clare L and Delbridge, Lea M and Harvey, Richard P and Oshlack, Alicia and Cheung, Michael M and Mummery, Christine L and Petrou, Stephen and Elefanty, Andrew G and Stanley, Edouard G and Elliott, David A (2018) NKX2-5 regulates human cardiomyogenesis via a HEY2 dependent transcriptional network. Nature Communications, 9 (1). p. 1373. ISSN 2041-1723 (PMC OA)

Zhang, Yuan and Sivakumaran, Priyadharshini and Newcomb, Andrew E and Hernandez, Damián and Harris, Nicole and Khanabdali, Ramin and Liu, Guei-Sheung and Kelly, Darren J and Pébay, Alice and Hewitt, Alex W and Boyle, Andrew and Harvey, Richard P and Morrison, Wayne A and Elliott, David A and Dusting, Gregory J and Lim, Shiang Y (2015) Cardiac Repair With a Novel Population of Mesenchymal Stem Cells Resident in the Human Heart. Stem Cells, 33 (10). pp.3100-13. ISSN 1549-4918 (OA)

Koss, Matthew and Bolze, Alexandre and Brendolan, Andrea and Saggese, Matilde and Capellini, Terence D and Bojilova, Ekaterina and Boisson, Bertrand and Prall, Owen W J and Elliott, David A and Solloway, Mark and Lenti, Elisa and Hidaka, Chisa and Chang, Ching-Pin and Mahlaoui, Nizar and Harvey, Richard P and Casanova, Jean-Laurent and Selleri, Licia (2012) Congenital asplenia in mice and humans with mutations in a Pbx/Nkx2-5/p15 module. Developmental cell, 22 (5). pp.913-26. ISSN 1878-1551 (PMC OA)

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