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Adji, Audrey and O'Rourke, Michael F (2021) Tracking of Brachial And Central Aortic Systolic Pressure Over the Normal Human Lifespan: Insight From the Arterial Pulse Waveforms. Internal Medicine Journal. ISSN 1444-0903

Jain, Pankaj and Adji, Audrey and Emmanuel, Sam and Robson, Desiree and Muthiah, Kavitha and Macdonald, Peter S. and Hayward, Christopher S. (2021) Phenotyping of Stable Left Ventricular Assist Device Patients Using Noninvasive Pump Flow Responses to Acute Loading Transients. Journal of Cardiac Failure. ISSN 10719164

Jain, Pankaj and Meredith, Thomas and Adji, Audrey and Schnegg, Bruno and Hayward, Christopher S. (2021) Spontaneous Oscillatory Left Ventricular-Aortic Uncoupling Under Continuous-Flow Left Ventricular Assist Device Support. Circulation: Heart Failure, 14 (2). ISSN 1941-3289

Adji, Audrey (2020) Improving Hypertension Control in Poststroke Patients: A Step Toward Health Equality Across Ethnicity. American Journal of Hypertension, 33. p. 4. ISSN 0895-7061

Namasivayam, Mayooran and Adji, Audrey and Lin, Linda and Hayward, Christopher S. and Feneley, Michael P. and O’Rourke, Michael F. and Muller, David W. M. and Jabbour, Andrew (2020) Non-Invasive Quantification of Ventricular Contractility, Arterial Elastic Function and Ventriculo-Arterial Coupling from a Single Diagnostic Encounter Using Simultaneous Arterial Tonometry and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology, 11 (3). pp.283-294. ISSN 1869-408X

O’Rourke, Michael F. and Adji, Audrey (2019) The role of functional status on the relationship between blood pressure and cognitive decline. Journal of Hypertension, 37 (12). pp.2500-2501. ISSN 0263-6352

Avolio, Alberto and Kim, Mi Ok and Adji, Audrey and Gangoda, Sumudu and Avadhanam, Bhargava and Tan, Isabella and Butlin, Mark (2018) Cerebral Haemodynamics: Effects of Systemic Arterial Pulsatile Function and Hypertension. Current Hypertension Reports, 20 (3). p. 20. ISSN 1522-6417 (N/A)

O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey and Nichols, Wilmer W and Vlachopoulos, Charalambos and Edelman, Elazer R (2017) Application of arterial hemodynamics to clinical practice: A testament to medical science in London. Artery Research, 18. pp.81-86. ISSN 18729312 (PMC OA)

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Kim, Mi Ok and Adji, Audrey and O'Rourke, Michael F and Avolio, Alberto P and Smielewski, Peter and Pickard, John D and Czosnyka, Marek (2015) Principles of cerebral hemodynamics when intracranial pressure is raised: lessons from the peripheral circulation. Journal of Hypertension, 33 (6). pp.1233-41. ISSN 1473-5598 (OA)

O'Rourke, Michael F and Safar, Michel E and Adji, Audrey (2014) Resistant hypertension and central aortic pressure. Journal of Hypertension, 32 (3). p. 699. ISSN 1473-5598 (Not OA)

O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey (2014) Noninvasive generation of aortic pressure from radial pressure waveform by applanation tonometry, brachial cuff calibration, and generalized transfer function. American Journal of Hypertension, 27 (2). pp.143-5. ISSN 1941-7225 (Not OA)

O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey (2013) Isolated systolic hypertension in the young: a need for clarity. Reply. Journal of hypertension, 31 (9). pp.1913-4. ISSN 1473-5598

O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey (2013) Guidelines on guidelines: focus on isolated systolic hypertension in youth. Journal of hypertension, 31 (4). pp.649-54. ISSN 1473-5598

O'Rourke, Michael F and Adji, Audrey (2013) Misclassification of studies in 'Brachial artery tonometry and the Popeye phenomenon'. Journal of hypertension, 31 (1). pp.208-9. ISSN 1473-5598

Adji, Audrey and O'Rourke, Michael F (2012) Brachial artery tonometry and the Popeye phenomenon: explanation of anomalies in generating central from upper limb pressure waveforms. Journal of hypertension, 30 (8). pp.1540-51. ISSN 1473-5598 (N/A)

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