Sounding a New Era in Biomechanics with Acoustic Force Spectroscopy

Silvani, Giulia and Romanov, Valentin and Martinac, Boris (2023) Sounding a New Era in Biomechanics with Acoustic Force Spectroscopy. In: Cell Biology and Translational Medicine, Volume 20. Springer, Cham, pp.109-118.

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The acoustic force spectroscopy (AFS) tool was recently introduced as a novel tool for probing mechanical properties of biomolecules, expanding the application of sound waves to high-throughput quantification of the mechanical properties of single cells. By using controlled acoustic forces in the piconewton to nanonewton range, tens to hundreds of cells functionalized by attached microspheres can simultaneously be stretched and tracked in real-time with sub millisecond time response. Since its first application, several studies have demonstrated the potential and versatility of the AFS for high-throughput measurements of force-induced molecular mechanisms, revealing insight into cellular biomechanics and mechanobiology at the molecular level. In this chapter, we describe the operation of the AFS starting with the underlying physical principles, followed by a run-down of experimental considerations, and finally leading to applications in molecular and cellular biology.

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